The Great Game

One thing is for sure; I love playing my violin.

A man in Belarus not worth my time. I almost gave John a heart attack with a head in the fridge. In my opinion, knowing that the earth goes around the sun is NOT important. My brain is my hard drive and it only makes sense to put stuff that are useful. Ordinary people full their head with all kinds of rubbish, and that makes it harder to get to the stuff that is really important. Explosions that looked like a gas leaks but in reality they are puzzles from an old friend. Carl Powers’ shoes reappear. Molly’s “boyfriend” leaves his number underneath a bowl and my dear friend John is almost killed.

QOTD: Don’t make people into heroes, heroes don’t exist and if they did, I wouldn’t be one of them.

FF: The Van Buren supernova or  “Exploding Star only appeared in 1858


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